I need a low powered PC/ARM for download/upload files


Mar 2, 2008
Hi all,

I'm looking for a device (either a PC or ARM based devices) that is capable of:

1) Downloading .torrent (from popular torrent WEBsites) and Torrents/irc files
2) Split those download torrents to smaller filers (like rar,zip, or tar it)
3) Upload those split files to filesharing services like megaupload,fileserv,etc
4) Can be remotely accessed either by SSH or VNC (if it has a GUI) because it will be located in a different country
5) I prefer that the device have a GUI so it would be easier to remote access it BUT terminal SSH is also fine as long above mentioned requirements are met using terminal.
6) Linux is preferred by Windows will be fine (if the device can run it)
7) Should be very very stable (I'm going to see that device like once a year only)
8.) Low powered
9) CHEAP! Like less than $100

Unfortunately, I've checked out Newegg for the cheapest Atom PC that I can build but it would still cost me $140 after taxes. That does not include the HDD because I already have one - 2.5" 160GB HDD (I also have a 2.5" Kingston Enclosure).

So I looked for alternatives to PC then I read about PogoPlug. I did further research and found out about hacking the Pogo plug and replacing it to archlinuxarm. However, the cheaper one (I believe it is the PogoPlug Pro) is not that good. You will not have GUI (I was hoping xfce) because the device is just too weak. So everything will just be accessed through SSH + Terminal. I'm not sure if this device is capable of splitting files and uploading it to filesharing services using terminal. At first I thought that the Pogo Plug is the way to go but I just realized that there could be better alternatives which would have GUI for easy remote access.

Does anyone have a idea of such a device (like the Pogo) that is capable of those mentioned above? I don't mind hacking the device and voiding the warranty.

I actually was walking around Walmart earlier and saw a Roku on sale. I think that the Roku is based on linux, but I'm not sure if those things mentioned above can be achieved? Can the Roku be hacked so I can replace its core OS?

Lastly, can you do stuff like uploading Files to Megaupload,Fileserv,Rapidshare using the linux Terminal?

I still have a month before I go to my home country and set it up, but I also have to learn that device before I deploy it there.

Thank you so much!