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Feb 27, 2019
I've recently acquired a HP pavilion a340a and am having a competition with a friend on who can supe up their early 2000s computer for the cheapest and the best. unfortunately He has a Mother board that has PCIe slots and he has put in his old 750ti where I can not. I've been looking at parts that I could maybe overclock (I haven't done it before) and the Cpu I Have is an Intel Pentium 4 and from my research it seems to over clock okay. But now all I need is a Graphics card and I'm totally lost.

I know it's an odd request but thank you for your time.


If you can find an old Radeon HD 2400 Pro with a PCI interface, that's probably as good as you'll get.

I should note that if you're doing this for a competition, the fact that he can run a 750 Ti and you're limited to PCI GPUs means you're already toast.
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