Question I need a pretty cheap graphics card

May 10, 2021
I don’t know anything about graphics cards so I need help finding a mid range price for a graphics card. Like for $300


Would also need the details of the intended system to make sure it would work. Chassis, Power Supply, available PCIe x16 slot for power and fitment.

On the used market you can get older 10 series and 900 series Nvidia cards for sort of reasonable prices.

GTX980 sold for $120-150
GTX 1060 3GB for ~$200
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China just banned? cryptocurrencies, so with luck, price should come down and availability will go up
Here's the news for reference:

What Beijing's new crackdown means for cryptocurrency in China | Hindustan Times

Like roaches, they will just scurry to other countries. Because greed.

After what happened to the Colonial Pipeline, some officials in government are waking up and are considering banning all crypto currencies in American banking that don't have full tracking from A->Z. No crypto currencies will be allowed with unregulated banking entities that cannot track who gets the money. What this means if places like coin base cannot track the transaction both ways, then coinbase will not be allowed access to bank clearing houses for monetary exchange of cyrptocoins<->money. This means an end to unregistered wallets which was one of the perks to hackers, terrorist, rogue nation states, and people looking to evade taxes.
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China just banned? cryptocurrencies, so with luck, price should come down and availability will go up
A couple of Chinese province had already banned crypto a while ago due to power shortages and, as I have been saying for quite a while, it is only a matter of time before crypto bans go national. Though in China's case, it likely has a whole lot more to do with the CCP being a control freak than preventing more provinces from having crypto-induced blackouts.

Well, still great news for consumers either way.
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