I need a rescue disk for my emachine dvd sata


Oct 11, 2010
I washed my hard drive on my new Emachine, because I got sick of vista. I have a Sata DVD burner and when I try to install windows I get no cd found, I need a driver disk for DVD SATA burner.
Should have either stuck with it or upgraded to Win 7... there's no guarantee that you'll be able to get a driver for that hardware that will work with any other versions of Windows. Never, EVER wipe a drive and expect to be able to install an old version of Windows. Always ensure drivers are available for your hardware... otherwise you'll end up in the situation that you're in. Besides, Win9x won't work on that hardware anyway.

If you want a "rescue" disc, contact eMachines... you can usually order them online for $19.99.