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I Need A Tablet Stylist Pro’s Advice! Help!

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Feb 6, 2013
I am in college and I want to take notes via a tablet now. I am looking for the best Tablet to do this with, the best software options, and the best Digitizer Pen.

I have done a lot of research and found out that Wacom Digitizer Pen or Samsung S-Pen is probably the best at the moment, high levels of pressure and the ability not to detect your palm.

My main question is that anyone with a Tablet that has Microsoft Office One-note actually tries to take heavy detailed small handwriting notes in long lectures, like pages worth of notes. Is this possible or is regular pen and paper still dominate. You-tube is very limited with not too many people demonstrating note taking on tablets which makes me a little nervous.

Should I give up on this quest on the perfect tablet with perfect note taking abilities because the technology is not out there yet or I just have not yet found it?

I am looking for preferably a Windows 8 full not RT tablet with one-note with great note taking abilities with battery life that lasts all day because I am taking 5 classes. But I am open to anything else if someone has had absolutely great experience with something and is willing to share like with the I-Pad or Android.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!



Oct 1, 2012
get a Microsoft surface pro with the keyboard cover and use the keyboard. you're going to have lots of trouble trying to take notes with a stylus the same way you would a pen and paper. A stylus and touch screen are no where near as precise as a pen and paper in regards to drawing and writing, so everything you try to jot down will always be MUCH bigger on a touch screen. So, either use a pen and paper for jotting things down, or use a tablet with a keyboard, and the Surface pro is prly the best for that. It'll also be able to take notes w/ a stylus, but it's not going to be anything like taking notes on a piece of paper.


Feb 8, 2013
I agree with ittimjones!
The best thing for notes is kyboard. Microsoft surface keyboard is probably the best style because you don't hear it... when you are a student, it's important.
Stylus is very useful for graphical applications. I'm waiting for MS surface pro for this (stylus, weight, performances). Lot of web site compare tablets without considerations for stylus usage! (for example Asus TX300CA s a very good tablet... without stylus!)
You can look for fujitsu stylistic tablets. I worked with fujitsu tablets during several years, it was the best hardware in 2005th-2010th.

here the fujitsu Q702: http://www.fujitsu.com/fts/products/computing/pc/notebooks-tablets/advanced/stylistic-q702/
Pros: hardware, hybrid screen, several ports (no VGA) as USB 2, 3, HDMI(++)
Cons: price, separate (I believe) keyboard, no ethernet port(!!!), no VGA

May be one day we'll read acomparative test with surface pro on the tom's hardware site?!




Apr 23, 2008
I personally prefer a keyboard for taking notes. A stylus just doesn't cut it for taking notes as others have mentioned. I've tried it's a lesson in frustration.

Your best bet is to look into Livescribe its a pen that works with specialize paper you buy that records what you write so latter on you can load it up onto a computer and have a hand writing recognition program put it into text for you. From my understanding it works quite well. And is definately something to look into if you wanted to still write things out but wanted the your notes in digital form still.


Mar 31, 2011
If your going to use a tablet and want a good stylus, the DAGi Precision Stylus model P507 works great with touchscreens. I've had a few different of the DAGi stylus, but the 507 is the best one I've used, it has a metal clip and a cap to cover the tip when not in use. It's the size of a thin pen.

I use it all the time to play Draw Something on my S3. It's precise and easy to use. They're $20-$25 on ebay. Just search dagi p507.
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