Question I need an advicešŸ˜£šŸ˜£

Oct 13, 2018
Hey guys, so like 3 months ago i bentet my cpu pins on my phenom iix4 955 and the computer repair said it couldnt be fixed because i bented them so much, i wanted a new combo cpu mobo and ram and they suggested the i3 8100 with a b360 mobo and 8gigs 3200mhz ram, i kinda didnt like that because i was more on the ryzen side and i liked the r5 1600 more, but when i asked them bout amd they said that intel was better and everything(help nobody is answering if i did a mistake with the i3 ) and i took that, a week ago i bought the rx 580 8gb and i also now need a good case because i dont have a side pannel on my old one and it kinda looks ugly, also i got a 480 kingston ssd. So now my friend is going to america and i want to ask him to get me a balistix 8gb 2666mhz stick which on newweg is 33 dollars and in my country is 50 dollars(my ram is hyperX fury 8gb 3200mhz black) so is the ram going to work just fine and also did i make a bad mistake buying the i3. And... i use my rig only for gaming games like the new need for speed, counter strike, fortnite, assasins creed and nba.


May 29, 2018
If you are asking if those 2 different sticks of RAM will work together, the answer is maybe. If it does work it will be at the speed of the slowest stick. If it doesn't work, well, it doesn't. Never a good idea to mix RAM.