I need an N wireless router with USB print server and USB file sharing


Nov 5, 2010
Anyone have a recommendation for a wireless N router that has 2 USB ports and can be a print server and share a USB hard drive?


Jan 1, 2013
I too am looking for the exact same type device.

I have the desire to connect 1 USB laser printer and a USB 2 TB drive to share to my network.
Is it possible to connect a powered USB hub to the USB slot and hook up 3 or 4 devices?
Many of the wireless router/print servers that I manage to locate are 'switches' and only 1 USB connector on board that one device.

Not to sound like a bore, but I have standards of WHAT i want in my network.
Wireless Router device w/2 USB slots
-desire to connect a 2TB device to the wireless network

I don't want to have a situation of this.....
1) wireless router -connected to
1) wireless print server switch

Limited space in the corner that it will be sitting an the clutter would be to disorganized for my liking..

Thoughts suggestions.... I have seen a posting about a device 'ASUS WL-500GP'. This device has 2 USB's but I can no longer seem to locate this device.