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Question I need game recomendations

Nov 21, 2019
I love games. I have loved them since I was 5. But over the past few days, I just quit the game Rainbow Six: Seige because I do not want to grind it. For me, if I keep losing, then the game gets boring, and I can not improve that much unless I grind, ESPECIALLY in seige. I need a game that is long-lasting and is fun with no need to grind.


Like pretty much all games, there are learning curves to them. You win some and you loose some. You can try Fortnite, PUBG and Overwatch but I'm suggesting them since they are the same form of gameplay as R6:S. If you're looking for games that allow you to win and winning alone allows you to move forward then campaign based games would be what you're looking for.

My 2 cents, though
As mentioned, it's the formula most MP games have that you have to level up. For some that's easier than for others. If you insist on playing MP only, maybe look for games that have tiered servers, where only certain levels of players are allowed on each one. Just avoid games like The Division 1 & 2, because those are quite a grind.