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Question I need help ASAP, where does this green cable lead to?!

Akram Sidena

Apr 8, 2013
As you guys can see in this picture. I opened up my laptop today to fix something that was wrong with the screen. When I began closing it up, I noticed a duct tape under which lies this green cable (in this photo) I took it off indeliberately. Now the PC wont even launch.

Apparently it goes from a pin from the MOSFET of PQ302 but I have no idea where it goes. I am afraid of placing it anywhere unsuitable causing a short circuit and perhaps frying something.

This is very urgent. Please help.

PC is Acer Aspire.


Possiblya ground wire but green is not universally used.

Which model Acer Aspire?

What you can do:

1) Look for the appropriate motherboard schematic showing the connections.


There may be other sites and you may need to purchase the schematic. Do be careful about clicking the links and buttons that are likely to appear. Some may appear relevant but are actually something different.

2) Google for images of the installed motherboard. You may find an image showing where the broken end should be connected.

3) Likewise watch some online YouTube type video of Acer Aspire component replacements and repairs. You may be able to spot the wire and where it was connected.

However, even if you do find something seek further verification of the connecting point.

Then consider the actual reconnection itself. If soldering is needed get a professional technician who knows how to do such things.