I need help, bad. My friend may have damaged his CPU?

Treasure Goblin

Jan 12, 2016
So, my friend's CPU was heating up to over 60 degrees Celsius just from starting up a game, like, within minutes. I told him to replace the thermal paste for his CPU. So, he takes everything out, and when he tries to take the heatsink off the CPU, the CPU gets ripped off right with the heatsink.

I know there have been many threads about this, I've looked through them all, but just wait..

The thermal paste is completely cemented, like rock hard. He tried for hours to get it off the heatsink, to no avail. Eventually he tried using a razor blade, and he actually tried to go BETWEEN THE WAFER AND THE METAL PLATE... He had given up for the night, and then when he plugged everything back in, the monitor would show "No Display" or whatever the message is, and obviously it wouldn't boot to BIOS, and the power button wouldn't turn off the computer. The motherboard has no beeps anymore, and I've went through "everything" with him to test it. He switched the RAM sticks, removed the video card, removed both of those things, switched the RAM sticks around.. everything.

Could he have damage the CPU with the razor? He told me there was no visible damage, and I've seen circuit boards work with pretty deep gashes on them.

So could it be the CPU or the motherboard? Could he have shorted out his motherboard?
Since he was unintentionally trying to delid the CPU, yes it could be damaged, especially if it's an AMD chip or pre Ivy Bridge Intel CPU, which has the heatspreader soldered rather than filled in with thermal paste. He's probably going to need to replace the CPU.

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