Question I need help figuring out a motherboard dying problem.

Aug 17, 2020
Hello, this is a long story but I have to explain it all to make things understand.

I dont know much about hardware assembly, but my brother said he can cause he set up his own PC and my other cousin's PC. So, I trusted him to set my new m2 SSD on my Asus tuff gaming x570 plus motherboard.

He had to remove the heatsink and when he did, the cpu came out with it even though when it was locked and it was stuck with the heatsink. He tried to take it off it but it didnt work it was really stuck. We used alcohol, tooth floss, and cotton buds but nothing worked. So, we decided to put the processor back and when we did the nothing was turning on. No fans, no nothing.

We took it to the shop today from where we bought it and was assembled for the first time and there they declared my motherboard dead and asked us to issue a warranty since it was only 7 months old. We issued the warranty and they didnt find any physical damage but still sent it to the lab for final checking.

After that I bought a new motherboard and now I am scared that maybe my new motherboard will also stop working cause of the same reason as the previous. Because we didnt do anything with the motherboard we took out the heatsink outside and did everything to make the cpu unstuck and left the mother board alone.

CPU is AMD Ryzen 3700X. I dont know what is the reason that the old motherboard died.