Question I need help identifying what's wrong with my system. (Mobo or RAM problems)

Jul 14, 2015
[System Specs]

Hello all, thanks for reading, I've got quite the conundrum on my hands here, and its a doozy so I'll cut straight to the point.

I'm a big fan of Destiny 2, and was excited to play Beyond Light (new expansion) that released on Tuesday, however, I cannot play it for more than an hour or two without it crashing with the following error:
"Error reading Game content, please verify steam files".

The Issue
My issue started here, but has gotten much, much, much worse. As of writing this, just about everything crashes on a 2-4 hours basis, here are some examples:

Blue Screen of Death = MEMORY_MANAGEMENT
Destiny 2 = this
Google Chrome = Status_access_Violation

What I've done so far
  • I tested the RAM using OCCT, and found that each stick works fine in every slot alone, but OCCT says errors are produced when the sticks are paired together, regardless of how they are.
  • Tried using different RAM settings in the BIOS (xmp on/off, different clock speed / voltage)
  • wiped all my drives (rip) and did a fresh reinstall of windows
  • swapped GPU's
  • rolled back my nvidia drivers
  • ran chkdsk /r
    • It found bad sectors on my SSD, repaired them, then windows started, crashed, then ran successfully.
  • ran windows' ram checker, and it claimed to find nothing wrong
The real kicker

Now here's the real kicker, in an attempt to discover what the error could be, I placed my GPU into my partner's PC to see if that was the culprate, and it (destiny) also crashed due to the same errors. We have the same Mobo and RAM, but otherwise have entirely different PC's. However OCCT says that their RAM operates totally fine, no errors, all g2g. I'm at kind of a loss here, and to be fair, I know this isnt a Destiny 2 help forum (because the people here are actually helpful), but if I could at least stop the blue screens and chrome crashes, that'd be swell.

Thank you for reading, and please help me.
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