Question I need help in troubleshooting regarding my PSU and CPU

Apr 3, 2020
I bought a new GPU 2 days ago, i went after it and asked a few people as well to avoid any problems.
My old pc build:
-asus h110m-a motherboard
-8gb ddr4 2133hz ram
-core i5 6500 3.2 ghz
-gtx 950 2gb
-deepcool de430 (300w) (peak power 430) psu
-120gb ssd
-1tb hdd
I upgraded my gpu to a gtx 1660 6gb ddr5, my only concern was my power supply because i knew that it might cause future problems with lower wattage power. I have also read about the possible bottleneck of the cpu but it semmed minor. I made a couple tests, heaven furmark etc. It seemed like there were no overheating nor ram and gpu problems. On the other hand my cpu went up to 90-98% in a couple games. Suddenly it started to make a weird ticking loud noise so i quickly turned it off. I tried to reboot, it powered up but the fans on the cpu were struggling so i just left it there. Im not sure if the cpu or the motherboard or the psu had the problems. Is it possible that i overstressed the cpu or just the psu is not enough? I would be glad if someone could help! :)
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That's a really low quality PSU... I'd just get rid of it ASAP. That's most likely the cause of your problems.

Also, it's actually a 250W PSU... couple that with it being junk/garbage quality = I'm expecting a fireworks show soon coming from it. Keep in mind that when it fails it might take other components with it. You should just stop using the computer until you're getting a better PSU.

Even a 450W decent quality PSU will do the job effortlessly... look for the Corsair CX/CXM(2017,grey label) models.