I need help, my SLI-DR freezes during boot


Jun 18, 2007
Sorry this got to be so long. :) Here are my specs for reference.

Lanparty nf4 SLI-DR w/ Evercool VC-RE bios-04/06/2006
Corsair HX620W
Opteron 165 @ 250x9 w/ Scythe Ninja 1100P
2gb GSkill ddr500 @ 1:1, 3-4-4-7 (I think)
WD Raptor
eVGA 7600GT @ I forget, but not that impressive anyways :)
Antec Super Lanboy case
Micro Advantage DVD Burner
Generic Floppy Drive
XP Pro

Some background info: When I built this a year ago I bought an Antec powersupply that turned out to be a faulty model. It basically died every six months. It died maybe 7 months ago, I RMAed it, and got the machine working perfectly again. Then last month it died again quietly in its sleep. It just wouldn't turn on the next morning. This time I decided to buy a good powersupply, and some quiet cooling solutions while I was at it. So to save time, I installed the PSU, Ninja, and Evercool all at the same time. So I'm not sure if one of them caused the problem (maybe too much thermal compound?), but I don't think so. Heres why.

Heres the problem - When I finished installing everything, I booted the machine up while it was lying on its back and windows XP loaded just fine. I put the cover back on and turned it upright and my monitor went black. All the fans were still spinning and i have no idea what happened. So I powered it down and tried again, and the motherboard load screen recognized my CPU and displayed it, then 'froze.' So I lied it back on its back and tried it again. This time it displayed my cpu and ram, then froze again.

The reason I think it is something on the motherboard is that it randomly freezes during boot. There seems to be no pattern. Sometimes it will fully load windows, other times it shows the windows load screen and then goes black. Sometimes it freezes on my processor or ram (this happens the most often). Is there any way to find out more specifically what it could be? Should I just take everything apart and try again? (I plan on doing this, but I haven't had a full day to commit to it yet.)

Any suggestions will be very, very much appreciated.
Well if it successfully fired up laying flat and didn't screw up until you stood it up, I'd be checking all the connections, and reseat the video card, check all cables to the monitor, make sure they're screwed in, and check all power supply connections and make sure they're solid.