I Need help now


Jun 29, 2010
I don't see any answers that make me feel confident performing this task: I have a message keeps popping up when I switch on my pc: A reference C:\User\LOCALS~I\Temp\utecfcp.exe needs to be removed from your file registry, set at startup, before you can continue (or words to that effect. Can you assist me please?

Is your Antivirus generating this message, or something else ?
If not the AV, have you done a scan ?

Since it points to a exe in the TEMP folder, you might
1 - Create a Restore Point.
2 - Delete the .exe file, or the TEMP folder (Disk Cleanup)
This tends to come up when anti-virus software removes a virus file but not the part that used to start it.

Check in Start > Programs > Startup see if anything in there calls that file.

Also run regedit, and you can do a search there for that string, and delete the reference. Just make sure you only delete the entry for that exact path.

Just another "hit n run" , I assume !