I need help picking a PSU, I live in Japan


Apr 8, 2012
Hi guys here's the system I recently setup and I'm not too happy about my power supply so I figure I give it a change.

i7-2700k Sandy
P8Z68-M (the mini-boards)
8g 2 sticks 1666 DDR3 rams
1x Ati HD 6850 (No crossfire)
usb wired keyboard
logictec usb wireless mouse
1x 7200rpm Seagate barracuda
no BD/DVD Rom
occasionally plugin my USB mobile harddisk or my iPhone/iPad

as you can see I don't really draw much power. I found a nice calculator that'll calculate how much power u need here:

and it turns out I need no more than 372w~425w so does that mean I can safely buy a 500w power supply?

I live in Japan so we have alot of weird brands I never even heard of. I currently have a keian 650 gori-max power supply, this is a Japanese made budget power supply, it's the only cheap one with japanese made capacitors so I picked this one.. anyways a friend of mine needs a new power supply so I figure I'll give him this one and I go buy another. According to the sales guy when I bought the Keian PSU he said Keian is one of the cheap brands in Japan and he said he wouldn't rely on it too much.

I'm looking at Antec Green, or Corsair 650TX, and another brand name Scythe, they all go about the 60usd~80usd range and I can't decide which to bye.

I'll be doing some over clocking. Nothing major. Just from stock 3500 to 4500.

Here's a couple that I'm interested in:

600w Scythe RPX600 $48

550w HEC Win power 3 $50 I've never heard of these guys but the box looks pretty @_@

500w Enermax STA-500 (I heard this is a high quality good brand in Japan) $55

600w Scythe Core4-600

650w Antec EA-650-Green (Green series, enery saving, does that mean it's bad for Overclocking?)

500w Silverstone SST-ST50-ES (I heard silverstone is good in the US?)

550w Thermaltake (This one looks really good) $70

And finally.....

650w Corsair 650TX (This is the best I know.. but I think it's overkill) $82

I really want to buy the corsair 650TX but I think it's a bit overkill for me as I don't need all that power it seems. Since I'm on an M version mobo there won't be any future expansions and I'm not looking to do Crossfire...

My 2nd pick would probably be between the :

500w Enermax STA-500 $55
500w Silverstone SST-ST50-ES $62
550w Thermaltake SP550M $70

And I'm really thinking of getting the Thermaltake one, can you guys shed some light? ^__^
Enermax is good, Antec is ok, corsair is ok.

I would absolutely not get the Thermaltake, that brand is pretty bad on average.

Go to this website


and examine the manufacturer for each PSU you are considering.

If it says Seasonic, it is good. If it has anything else don't get it.

Once you figure out which ones you can get (the seasonic ones) then you can afford to go pretty low in wattage. Anything 500w or more is fine.

If something is on the list and you really want to consider it, you may have to search "brand model OEM" and see if you can find out the manufacturer that way. Enermax is an example. They make really good stuff at 1000w+, but I can't guarantee the quality of their sub 1000w units. I would assume the Enermax 500w is worth money, but it could be difficult to do this since the information isn't always readily available.

Anyway, I think the Enermax would be OK and anything made by Seasonic too as long as it is 500w or more.
Enermax PSUs, AFAIK, aren't made by Seasonic. I am pretty sure Enermax makes its own PSUs.

Anyway, all that I have ever heard is that their brand is a top of the line brand in general. I don't know about anything they sell only in Japan, though.

The easiest thing to do is just skip it and look for one that is made by Seasonic, but they never put out anything bad anywhere in the world.

I can't read the Japanese page. Google Translate won't fix it so I can either.


Apr 8, 2012
Turns out the Enermax one made this modem avalible in Japan only it's called the Maxpoint. It's under the Japanese enermax site I provided above. It's discontinued because it was made in 2010 January. But anyhow if you guys think it's good I'll go ahead and order it as there's only 1 left in stock. o_O


Apr 8, 2012

Can't find the enermax one on your list :( I also found another huge list and Enermax was listed with very little info and it looks like it's not seasonic, like the poster above said they made their own PSUs I believe.