I need help restoring programs


Feb 20, 2011
So i had two drives, a boot drive(C drive - 60GB SSD), and my Harddrive (500GB). When i installed programs or stored my files i always put them on my 500GB harddrive, and I only put windows 7 64-bit on my SSD. Unfortunately, my SSD failed so i replaced it with another one. i loaded windows on and it works like a charm.

However, for some reason, i cant just easily get my programs/apps from my 500GB HardDrive to work. I thought it would be easy since all my programs were installed on the 500GB. But for some reason, with my new ssd, they wont open. (usually programs say a dll file is missing or application failed to load.)
So my question is if anyone knows how to get them to work with the new ssd. Im guessing when you install programs on drives besides the C drive, the programs still saves files in the C drive for communication purposes....so when my ssd crashed, it lost that and now i have to get them back somehow......?

THis would mean a lot to me, also because Battlefield 3 is on my 500GB, steam games, and other apps. i have slow internet connection so i dont want to re-download them and i dont want to lose my GAME SAVES.

THanks so much for the HELP, i appreciate it!

feel free to get into technical depth as i consider myself a semi-pro at PC's.

Many programs install files on the boot drive even if you tell them to install on another.

Did you ever back up your C drive? If so, then restore it to fix your applications. If not, then you must reinstall any programs that do not run to insure all files and Windows registry settings are correctly restored.