Question I need help selecting a video card

Jul 27, 2020
My son plays games on Steam. They are not overly demanding. So to save money I bought a refurbished PC for like $500. The video card it came with did not meet the system requirements for Steam. The case is small, and there is only one slot available inside the case. I have since purchased (And returned 3) video cards because they wouldn't fit inside the case. Can someone help me select a video card that will fit in a small case?
The card height needs to be low profile and the slot is directly next to the power supply so the fans need to be on the alternate side. All the cards before had cooling fans on the left side (When looking down), I need fans on the right side where there is more room.

The only other requirement is the ability to run 2 monitors and I don't care if its an external card. I'd also like it tot be less expensive if possible.

Here is a link to a public folder on FB showing image of the case and the hardware requirements.

I hope the photos are visible... Please advise if they are not.

This has become really frustrating and I really appreciate any support provided.