Question I need help selecting VESA Compatible monitors for Home Office. (Realtor)

Mar 20, 2019
Hi Everyone.

I would like to keep this short and sweet.

I need a triple monitor setup for work research.

  • VESA Mountable
  • 24" minimum (I'd like my center one at least 27")
  • Combination of either 1080p/1440p, 60hz or 144hz, must have IPS.
This is where I get confused.
  • Can I get 3x 1440p monitors and be fine with it for research? Is this worth it?
  • Should I stick to 1080p instead of 1440p and perhaps go for a 144hz monitor?
  • Should I just forget about both 1440p + 144hz and just grab 3x 1080p IPS displays and be done with it?
I won't be gaming on it but I will have multimedia playing on it, and be multitasking quite a bit.

For what its worth, I'm Canadian, so if you have any links please post Canadian ones.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, I have researched for hours on end and cannot come to a good solution. Thank you!!!!
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Mar 20, 2019
I also think something like this may be more productive, because one thing I do remember from when I was using 3 monitors side by side, I would use the middle and right one but forget about the left one because I would essentially have to turn my neck the whole way left to view that screen. So it got neglected.



Cheap 4K monitor, because you can always tune down the resolution if you want or adjust scaling, but you won't be able to change things if you get 1080/1440 and wonder if you would like something else. 1080p doesn't give much space for work / 4K resolution on 100% scaling makes text very small and windows defaults to 250% scaling, but you can adjust to your liking.

No need to get 144hz for work.

I would suggest 27" LG 27UD58-B. It's a very decent monitor with 500+ positive reviews on amazon at only $400

Asus option VP28UQG 28" Monitor 4K/UHD 3840x2160 is available from $350, but it's not so popular and has lower reviews rating