Question I need help setting up my 3 audio systems.

Jul 17, 2019
So basically, I have a headset, my monitor and 2 desktop speakers (connected as one). and they all work fine, just not together. the monitor is all fine. its titled as a monitor audio device. the problem is my speakers and headset. my headset connects and works fine, its classified as a headset. but in order for my speakers to work, I have to disconnect my headset. and the speakers basically take over and are classified as the headset. its kind of annoying and not that big of a deal. I'm just trying to see if there is a fix. also wondering if I can just add a new device to my audio manager or something. hope you can help, its fine if you can't.
OK so you want to be able to switch to speakers wo having to unplug the headset. This maybe impossible. The headset jack is inline with the circuit driving your speakers. When u unplug the headset, a little tap inside the jack retracts and completes a circuit and now the signal flows to speaker. This is a mechanical thing and can't be software controlled.

You will have to find ANOTHER signal path to your speakers, via HDMI, optical, or another audio output device like another sound card/dongle, so it will be independent of the headset jack. Maybe more cost and complication that you are willing to entertain.