Question I need help Switch TENDA TEG1016D

Santiago Andrea

Mar 4, 2022
Has anyone used this switch? is trustworthy ? I need an unmanaged gigabit switch, without QoS or other functions that delay packets, because it will be managed by a mikrotik. It's for a gaming lan.thank you
Tenda is known as a "value" brand. Mostly that means they have less support of their products.

It doesn't matter a lot on a switch because tenda does not actually make chips. Like almost every other vendor they buy the switch chip from a company like broadcom or a couple others.

Like almost every small switch currently built all ports are wire speed/non blocking. Means all ports can run 1gbit up and down at the same time.

There is not much to these devices. You take them apart and you find a power supply, the 1 main switch chip and some other simpler parts to connect the ethernet ports.

It is unlikely to fail but if it does then it would depend how good tenda is with warranty services.


Exacto, eso es, y ese es el diagrama, solo que es con UTP CAT6a, no se si el switch soporta ese tipo de cableado

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"Exactly, that's it, and that's the diagram, only it's with UTP CAT6a, I don't know if the switch supports that type of cabling"

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Cat 5e or Cat 6 should be sufficient. However, there is lots of fake/counterfeit cable being sold.

Cable must be round (not flat) and use AWG 22-24 full copper wires. No copper clad aluminum wires.

Where do you purchase Ethernet cables?

There may be other comments and suggestions regarding cabling.