I need help upgrading "Pre-Built PC"

Jul 21, 2018
I have no clue on what you guys need, I need some help upgrading my PC. I bought this extremely shitty "pre-built AMD PC" & I finally have the chance to upgrade it, I want to know what I need to upgrade to allow at least high settings with constant 60 FPS. It is Integrated / Primary Graphics and i've heard that you cannot change a integrated / primary to a different manufacturer. I've also heard that you can. To be honest, I just want a machine that runs constant 60. Any help is appreciated.

FPS ----

- H1Z1 - about 30 - 50 constantly ( all low )
- Fortnite - With minor tweaks to improve performance, anywhere from
20 - 60, I usually have a constant 55ish but when I enter big areas like Tilted it drops to about 20, but after it caches the items it goes to anywhere from 30 - 60. Frames are locked at 60.Sometimes I play on 1600x900, most of the times, im on 1280x720 res. ( all low settings, mostly lowest res )
- CS:GO - around 40 - 60, usually I have 1280x720 res but I sometimes play on 1600x900, recieving around 35 - 60. ( all low settings, not all low resolution )
- Minecraft - With a lower resolution ( 1280x720 ) I get around 60 FPS, sometimes when I play 1920x1080 res, it gets a lower 40 - 60
- Rainbow Six Siege - Maybe a constant 45ish ( all low )
All of the FPS counts are an estimate, these aren't 100% accurate.

Specs ---- AMD PC

Graphics - AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Chipset ( Primary / Integrated )
CPU - AMD A8-9600 Radeon R7, with 10 compute cores 4C + 6G
RAM - 8Gb
Core Clock - 900MHz
Memory Type - DDR4
Memory Size - 1024Mb
Memory Clock - 1066MHz
Bus Type - PCI
Current Bus Settings - PCI
Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 Bit )
Watts - 450 APU
Driver - Vulkan, version is 2.0.33
Storage - 2 TB
Radeon Software Edition - Adrenalin
Memory Bit Rate - 2.13Gbps

If you guys need any more information, please, contact me. I'm in dire need of help here. I'm done playing with low quality & low FPS. Its annoying.
For anyone that helps, thank you very much.


May 31, 2016
If you have a slot for add on graphics card of course you can add one and disable the onboard graphics. I'm not sure about the Vulkan driver you have. Does that mean there's no DirectX installed? I would think DirectX would give better frames on most of those games you listed.