I need help with a Live Streaming computer build


Jun 21, 2012
I want to be able to stream my Xbox 360 (preferably in HD, but does not need to be) to twitch.tv. The desktop I have is apparently not compatible with a HD-PVR... I have no idea why. I have a Windows 7 laptop, which is also not powerful enough to live stream. I do not believe my desktop would be powerful enough even if it did work with my HD-PVR. I need a full PC build except case, CD-Drive, and peripherals. Other than that i need everything else. PLEASE keep the budget under 250$. The things that I really need is a new motherboard, CPU and Ram. If you cant find a full PC build for 250$ I can use a hard drive, PSU ( which is 450 watts), and OS which is Windows XP that I already have.. (I know you guys will say "UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 7" but to those people, i NEED to keep the build under 250$ and Windows 7 itself is 99$, think about it...) Thank you in advance to those people who help me with this!!!