Question I need help with Confusing ping problem

Sep 2, 2018
So i play fortnite battle royale..i m from india and when i play i get connected to SEA server where i get 80-90 ping on EU server i get 150-160 and NA i get 200+.
But for the past two weeks i m getting 180 ping on SEA but the confusing problem here is that i get same normal ping on EU and NA. So i dont know what to do because i dont understand what is going on here.
If someone has any knowledge about this please help on what should i do.
Depends if you want to know why thing happen or if all you care about is getting it back to the previous number.

So the short answer is you have no control over the path your data takes to get to a destination. You only have control over which ISP connects to your house and what plan you buy from them. It is up to your ISP to get your data to the end location.

If you want to dig around you can run tracert and try to find the node where the delay occurs. It would be easier if you had a trace from when it worked so you could see what was different. There are many tools that will let you look at the peering between ISP. They are generically called looking glass sites because the ISP let you have access into their network and let you issue limited commands to their routers.

Still this is mostly for a educational exercise. Even if you would find that a fiber was cut between 2 ISP and you are now on backup fiber what can you do about it.

At best you can call your ISP and ask them if they know anything. I am sure they will tell you everything is fine. The low level techs are lucky if they can read their scripts that tell you to reboot the pc, its not like they actually know how their network really works.