I need help with cpu, gpu, water cooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apr 8, 2009
ok i don't know any thing about water cooling and i have a q6600 i want to get it to 3.8 or over and i noe every cpu is different its my goal to get it to 3.8 or over and i wanna good water cooling system and i wanna water cool the nb and sb i have a 780i ftw mobo 4 gigs for Mushkin Ascent and ultra x 3 1000 wat psu and i wanna get 2 or 3 gtx 285 and was wondering if my psu going to be enough lol noob question and that pretty much it and also don't noe wat case antec 1200 or thermaltake Armor VH6001BWS and i was woundering if any one who has the same cpu and mobo to send some temps that all and oc configuration for the mobo ok well thanks for your replies in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Errr... do your homework?



Contributing Writer
Holy cow...try some grammar and editing. That is a nightmare to read.

Yes, do some reading and try to learn about what you are wanting to get into. We have already gone through this exact scenario with about 3 other people this week...try reading some threads here and on other forums.