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Jun 10, 2019
Hello, I am working on school work that needs to be completed no later than Tuesday and I have been having trouble with understanding DHCP. If someone could please assist the questions I am being asked are:

1. If you are enabling DHCP server at a client location that has 250 domain joined computers, 10 printers, 5 switches. You have been given the following information about servers already active on site:
  • email server
  • SQL server
  • Comcast Primary DNS Servers
  • Comcast Secondary DNS Server
  • Primary Domain controller running (AD, GroupPolicy, NPS, DNS)
  • FTP server
  • Secondary Domain Controller running (AD, GroupPolicy, NPS, DNS)
  • Sonicwall TZ400
  • Switches -
  • Printers -

Answer the following below with the values you would specify::

  • DHCP Range Start and DHCP Range End. Why did you choose this?
  • Subnet Mask. Why did you choose this?
  • Default Gateway. Why?
  • Primary DNS Server and why?
  • Secondary DNS server and why?

2. A client wants to be able to access their office computers from home. There are approximately 10 computers at the office, 1 windows server, 1 switch and 1 firewall. They want to use microsoft remote desktop as they like the experience. What solution would you propose and how would you do it specifically? Please include as detail regarding “how” you would configure the solution.

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It’s always a good idea to read the material you are assigned in class as it will explain that stuff in detail. You are attempting to cheat. If you cheat you will not learn anything so what’s the point of school?
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