i need help with overclocking my gpu, pls =[



i have a laptop with an ati mobility radeon hd2600 256mb
and the current mhz is 109.68
and memory clock to 252.00

i was wondering how high i can put it without my gpu overheating
right not the max temp of the gpu is 36c and ave 38
im using amd gpu clock tool

any help would really be appriciated


ty very much for that =]

but idk its weird why does it say its only using 109.68 mhz and 252.00
shoudnt it be using more then that

should i put the mhz up to 500 and cpu clock to 600 or something >_>
i need help i mso new to this T_T


hmm nvm
its appears that the software i was using was inaccurate
mhz is 500
and system clock is 600

rivatuner dont work on mylaptop
i dont see the overclocking options

can u guys recommend good ovreclocking tools >_>


atitool dont work
it doesnt seem to detect my video card
says something about my video card not being used by windows

and i tried other tools
ati systerm tray tools
and whenever i tried to over clock a bit
i got a bsod and said it needed to shutdown to prevent computer damage

i think their not detecting my video card very well because i used a modified driver
i mean
i installed the desktop drivers on my laptop (even if it shoudnt be like that)
using some driver modifing tool
works fine
but overclocking tools dont seem to detect my video card cause of it