I need help with overclocking my system


Sep 18, 2006
Hello all, Ive decided to get as much as I can from my system so time to oc. I know some of the bases, but I'd really appreciated if u guys guide me through it. I'll post my system spec ands bios pics to make it easier.

System specs:

Mobo: Asus P5K Pro
CPU: Intel E8200, 2.66 Mhz
Ram: 2 x 1GB KINGSTON KHX8500D2K2/2GN HYPERX NVIDIA SLI-READY (at first I got 2 of these dimms, because I was intending to get an sli board but as you can see I didnt)
GPU: Asus 9600GT 512 MB
Main HD: WD 500AAKS
Additional HD's: 2 more WD 500AAKS, 1 Caviar black 1TB, 2 WD IDE 240GB (all 6 are on 2 thermaltake i-cages)
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper TX 2
PSU: OCZ Game x-treme 600W

So to get started,

1) My ram runs at 800Mhz,1.8v because at 1066Mhz (and 2.2v) I have random crashes. However when I have only the 2 sli dimms on, it works just fine at 1066Mhz, which is weird because my board naturally supports 1066, doesnt support sli, so imho cant find a reason why all 4 dimms cant run at 1066Mhz. If anyone got any input tell me.

2) Ive oc'd my gpu from the stock speeds core(650) & memory(900) to core(730) & memory(1050), from the nvidia control panel. Tested its stability with ati tool and it runs smoothly, earning me 8800->11000 at 3dmark. Again any input u have is welcome.

3) Last but not least and the reason Im posting, is the cpu. Id like to oc it (along with the ram) so, I got the ss of the 2 screens were I thought settings where important, these are:

Now, Ive read graysky guide in this from so I understand most of the settings, but because it is a different bios in every mobo, if anyone can tell me, what value goes at each setting or if he is in a good mood explain what each setting does, Id really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I use Gigabyte motherboards, but I can tell you that you have way too many AUTO settings.

Your memory problem is simple. There really ain't no such thing as DDR2-1066 RAM. Got your attention now, huh? :) DDR2-1066 RAM is really DDR2-800 RAM that has been tested to run at 1066 speeds.

And memory that is "SLI ready" has nothing to do with SLI video.

Look for an overclocking guide for your specific motherboard. Google is your friend.

I am not a proponent of overclocking memory in a Core2 system. I run my RAM at a 1:1 FSB to RAM frequency ratio. Running the RAM faster does not have a significant effect on performance.
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Dec 12, 2007

i suggest you read it again as it tells you all you need to know


Aug 19, 2009
The only real confusing part with BIOS settings is the DRAM strap.
But leave it on auto until you've finished the overclocking.

First step to overclocking is the front side bus speed (or Host Clock or FSB, whatever your BIOS calls it), and CPU Voltage (VCore). You increase the host clock slightly, if its stable then do it again, when it's unstable you increase vcore and try again, repeat process until you're as high as you want on VCore (dont go over 1.45).

Prime 95 to test for stability/heat
RealTemp to watch heat

Although all that should be covered in guides already on here.
Once you get to the end of that, then there is more to be done, but do it one step at a time.