I need LED Lights


Sep 6, 2014
I want to buy some LED lights that are cheap but very good quality and also it would be very good to have a remote for them to change the colors. Also could you tell me how to set them up like people do it in youtube videos when they are all coming up from behind the monitors but i want it to be nice and tidy.


The NZXT Hue definitely is not the only LED strip that can change color, it's called an RGB LED strip, and it actually consists of three LEDs, a red, a green, and a blue one next to each other. Different levels of each give different colors. Most come with remotes. The only benefit to the NZXT Hue is the built in controller, otherwise you can get a 16.4 foot strip for about $10 off Amazon. They're really easy to use.

I assume you want to use these in a case, though. They don't have a molex connector or anything, you're supposed to plug them into a wall with a transformer, and there is an IR receiver for the remote. The IR receiver can just go on the bottom of your case, but you're going to need to covert the power to molex, which means cutting wires and then connecting those to molex (they're the same voltage, so that's fine). It does take a bit of work, but it's overall pretty simple and you'll save a lot of money. You'll also have like 14 feet of LEDs left over that you have to cut off, unfortunately. Those will require some soldering in order to power.