Question I need major help with compatibility of 2 sticks.

Jun 13, 2019
When I built my system I used a Crucial 1x8gb DDR4 2133 mhz ram stick (model no. ct8g4dfs8213.) All went well but now I feel it’s time to upgrade. I ordered some good Corsair ram but I realized that mine is unbuffered. (1.2 V btw.) So then I got a Timetec Hynix ram stick that was identical to mine (speed, rank, voltage, latency.) That didn’t work. I doubt this is compatible and don’t think that raising voltage will work. If you believe that something might make this work please do tell. So now I guess i have to get another 1x8 from Crucial. The exact same one. Same model no. Will this be compatible? Because I’ve heard that if it’s not a set it’s not compatible. Idk about this but I wanted to know if the same 2 sticks will be compatible. Please sen help. Thanks in advance.


I wouldn't say it isn't compatible...
Two identical sticks may work, but it's not guaranteed at all, unlike with a kit, which is guaranteed to work together.
You tried your hand at the mixed ram lottery and lost. Get a new kit of 2. In trying to be cheap, you gamble to possibly losing even more money than if you just got a new kit from the start.
Memory is guaranteed in the form sold. Other combinations of memory that have never been tested together before can be tested by you for compatibility.

Use of identical, same thing, exact match have no guarantee to be compatible together. Once you start making such combinations, you''ll find the memory may be unable to operate at rated specifications any longer. You may get them working by running at a slower memory clock speed.