i need new router.. dont know what to choose...


Nov 18, 2013
I have three routers in mind..
but before anything let me tell you what i need for my new router.
right now i have Rosewill 150M Wireless Lite-N Router (rnx-n150RT) and Im not able to stream videos from one computer to the other through LAN ( I guess that is because it's not gigabit). Wireless conections are fine.. I use it to play PS3 online and it works good, but when i transfer big files through wireless take a LONG LONG time..
and the last thing i would like to have a router compatible with dd-wrt or a opensource firmware...
but that's not really a must.
Budget is $50 maximum.
So my options so far are:
1. NETGEAR WNR3500L-100NAS but for some reason it says that is not good enough for streaming. But again streaming is only through ethernet... not wifi.

2. BUFFALO AirStation HighPower N300 dont know anything about this one, but it seems to meet the specs that i need and price is nice.

3. TRENDnet TEW-733GR and this one looks ok.. maybe no open source firmware but trendnet for some reason always fail on the long run (thats what i read)...

please some help here?? any ideas what should i get??
thanks in advance


I don't like Buffalo products. The Netgear is a good but old router, I used many of them in the past. The TrendNet would be my choice of the three. It has giagbit LAN and if your adapters are compliant it will really speed up transfers. It also probably has the best wireless of the three to the extent that you use it.

And if you want to use dd-wrt the TP Link HERE is supported, is a good unit for the money, has gigabit LAN, and is on budget.