Question I need some help with case/pc cooling.


Jun 9, 2017
Right now I'm looking at getting a third-party am4 backplate from amazon, two 140mm case fans, and a new cpu cooler. I only have $100 for all this. I see that the am4 backplate on amazon doesn't work too well with stock wraith coolers but I'm planning on getting an aftermarket cooler.

I got $100 in refund/account balance on amazon so I want to get this stuff on amazon. What I'm looking forward to getting is thermal grizzly cryonaut, two 140mm case fans (one for the top of the case and one for the front. Mobo only supports three fans and one is already being used for the rear exhaust fan.), and a cpu cooler. The questions I have is:

When installing the two case fans, what would be the best way to use them? Should they both be exhaust fans, intake fans, or should one be an intake fan and one be an exhaust fan? Also what's the best position to install them at? I'm thinking center for both.
Last time I tried a tower cpu cooler my gpu got about 10 celsius warmer than it did with the stock downdraft/top down cpu cooler. Will the two fans I'm getting help mitigate that? Did I install the cpu cooler wrong? I got a stock rtx 2070 super so the fans can get a bit loud with temperature and the cooling isn't the best. Yes I should have gotten an aftermarket version but oh well.
What is the best cpu cooler I can get for under $50?
Will this be sufficient enough to secure/mount the cooler? ( (

This was my first build. I have a ryzen 5 3600x, 32gb 2x16 ddr4 3200 t-force vulcan ram, 256gb nvme ssd, stock founders edition rtx 2070 super, asus tuf gaming x570 wifi board, evga 650w 80+ gold gq psu, a deepcool matrexx 50 case, and a nf-a12x25 2000rpm pwm fan for the rear exhaust case fan which is my only case fan. I hope I didn't do any permanent damage. What else can I do? Could reseating the cpu help with the heat? I spent like $1300 on this computer and it ran fine for the first month. Should have never redid the cooler. It was working OK before.


1)Why do you need a 3rd party backplate? If you are ordering a modern cooler, it will come with one.
2)Fan splitters exist if you're short on motherboard headers. EX:
-there are larger splitters available, as well as fan hubs, if needed.
-it's also important to know how much power a fan can draw when using splitters/hubs. With exception to the W_Pump and AIO header(I think) which can supply 2A from the mobo, the others are just 1A.

3)What do you mean you 'redid the cooler'? Did you break the stock cooler somehow?
4)With 3 fans only:
Intake: front-middle
Exhaust: rear and top-rear