I need some information about some queries about a new built I'm making.


Dec 6, 2012
I'm making a new pc for gaming and I'm kinda new to this so the things I have are :
Motherboard for INTEL - ASROCK Z77 PRO4-M, Z77, DDR III 2800 (OC) / 1600/1333/1066, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SATA III, eSATA, RAID, LGA1155
Processor INTEL - CORE i5-3570K, 3.40GHz, 6MB, BOX, LGA1155
Fan - NOCTUA CPU Cooler NH-D14
Hard Drive - WD 1024GB 64MB SATA III Blue
Video card - PALIT 2048M GTX660Ti DDR 5 PCI-E 3.0
Power Supply - SEASONIC SSR-550RM Gold, 550W
Case - THERMALTAKE V3 Black, VL800M1W2Z, w / o PSU

And this is where I'm having problems.
1 - Is the PSU enough?
2 - Does the case provide enough airflow for the gpu to stay cool also the cpu or should i change it?
3 - And is it good for new games?

Thank you in advance ;)
1) That is a very nice PSU. It will handle your system just fine with some additional headroom to spare. Seasonic is a very good brand and this unit is 80Plus Gold Certified so it is very efficient as well.

2) The case is fine. All you truly need is a decent exhaust fan for most systems. This case also has a very vented top panel which will let warmer air exhaust out of the top.

3) Yes, your system should run any game out there. Depending on the game will depend on what graphical settings you can use. However, for the most part you will be on the higher end of settings for most games and highest for many.

Besides nit picking specific components I think it is good. I assume you are going to overclock your CPU due to the "K" model and CPU cooler. Really the only two components I would change out are the RAM and HDD. I'm not to familiar with Geil RAM and it hasn't popped up in many builds I've seen. I tend to go with popular components. Though I know some brands are more popular in different countries. Also, With a nice higher end system like this I would think you'd go for an SSD for OS and Apps and a HDD for data. It's the new cool thing to do :D While it doesn't add gaming performance, it adds to your overall PC experience. It's nice to boot windows in 10 seconds and jump right into a game in another 10 seconds. The WD Blue drive is your average consumer HDD that is reliable. If you were looking to get the most gaming performance for your dollar I can see why you would go with it. Just my thoughts being vomited on screen here.