Question I need to buy a PSU.. Please suggest a good one. System specs are in the description below

Sep 20, 2019
I have to buy a new psu as my old one is dead now. It was Corsair VS650 and replaced it once within 3 years warranty and it is dead again just when my warranty period is over.

System Specifications:

1. Processor: AMD FX8320 Black Edition

2. RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 (8Gb x 2) I. e 16Gb

3. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 6.0)

4. GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb G1 Gaming

5. HDD: i - 500Gb (Seagette)
ii - 650 Gb WD (Laptop HDD
2.5 inches using as
internal HDD)
iii. 2TB WD Blue perhaps ( I forgot Brand and details sorry for that)

6. Circle C1 or something gaming cabinet.

7. Basic Mouse and Keyboard

So as I mentioned already that I had Corsair VS650 but it's not working anymore so please suggest me a replacement.

And also please suggest me a good cabinet for my system.

Plus I need suggestions on how to prevent my system from moisture.
The place where I live is very much humid and walls are not good and there's leakage of water so the room gets moist. Any suggestions if I may get?

Plus suggest me how should I connect my pc to the electric board. I mean by using Spike Guard or something which works better and gives good and efficient power. And if possible please tell me which one to buy.

Thank you very much in advance.

Waiting for your kind response.


What country? Hard to say what is available in any given place. For North America and Europe the answers are usually:
Corsair (but not typically the VS series, higher end models like the RM or TX/HX line)
EVGA B2/B3 G2/G3 series
Seasonic all but their lowest end models, XFX who tended to use Seasonic as an OEM.
Superflower Leadex
CoolerMaster (Some models)
Antec HCG series

You are in the right wattage level, so 550W-650W is about right for your build.

And there are competent models from many lesser known companies, but they would have to be looked at. Better if you come with a list of what is available and you can afford.

Humidity, if you can't control the air in the room, not much to tell you. You could put the machine in a box and have a dehumidifier be the only air supply. If as much water is coming in as you say though, it would need constant drainage. Best would be to fix the leakage issues (and still get a dehumidifier)

In extreme scenarios, you can seal off the computer. But that won't work for a gaming PC, to much to dissipate. There are passively cooled chassis, but they are very expensive or purpose built, meaning you would have to replace everything.

Chassis are subjective, and again it comes down to what is available in your area. Model's I like off the top of my head: Phanteks Enthoo series, Eclipse series
Fractal Design Focus G, Meshify

The efficiency of the incoming power isn't going to be effected by anything you add. It can only really make it worse. Power conditioners can reduce line noise and make for better power delivery, just makes the PSU work less when converting it to DC, but not more efficient. (You are basically just moving where the conversion loss is most lost)

Best for a computer is a true sine wave UPS with a battery backup. Handles power conditioning as well as preventing power fluctuations and failures from causing data loss or corruption.