Question i need to duplicate two audio sources into one

Mar 27, 2019
(This is my first topic on here btw)

I have an Astro a40 headset which has two different audio channels, one for the game "Realtek Digital Output(Optical) (Realtek High Definition Audio)" & one for voice chat etc. "Earphone from headset (Astro MixAmp Pro Voice)". These are both outputs from the a40 next to that I also have an input "Microphone from headset". I use a separate microphone "Blue Yeti".

My problem with every recording software like shadowplay etc. is that it will only record my standard output device and my standard microphone. I use the game channel from the a40 for my games obviously. and I use my voice channel for discord etc. As of right now, for example shadowplay, records the game and my own voice this is good, but I also need it to record discord.

I have tried using "audiorouter" and "CheVolume" neither of em works however, they both do route program sounds to a different channel neither of em can duplicate sounds/solve my problem. I have also tried using "voicemeeter" which unfortunately only lets me use the input to the pc (microphones etc). Lastly, I tried using the "audiomixer" from windows itself this doesn't work either.

So does anyone know how to maybe output two different audio sources (game channel and voice channel) to a singular audio output (cable a) so I can set the standard device cable a, I know this will still be a pain in the ass every time is start my pc needing to change all sound channels.

Mabey there is a better solution I have no idea.

Thanks for the help in advance.