I need to know if my current rig is good enough


Oct 9, 2011
Hello all, first post here.

So I am thinking of upgrading my computer to better run BF3.

Here is what I currently have:

Intel mobo DX58SO_
Intel Core i7 CPU 940 @2.93Ghz (I believe it's the first gen i7)
6 gigs of ram (not sure on the specs of the ram) almost positive its DDR3 dual channel ?
Ultra X3 1000 watt power supply
350 GB HDD
Windows 7 ultimate

I'm thinking of upgrading the video card only, but am unsure if my other specs will bottleneck it.

I was also unsure of which video card to purchase, and weather to get a really good single card or two decent cards and run them SLI.

In all honesty, I've been playing the beta since release and have not noticed a huge problem in performance other than the already known problems in general.


Apr 23, 2008
I'd say it's good enough. And if you've been playing the beta why are you worried? You know better than all of us, beta's are buggy and will more than likely run worse than when it's released and have all the bugs hammered out.


Oct 9, 2011
Thanks for the reply!

Fair enough, I guess I'm just a little trigger happy on upgrading, what with all the new eye candy out there. Granted, that's what the companies making these cards are out to get.

But I feel as if my system is in pretty good shape, minus the video card. And I would like to purchase a new card.

I ran a test via http://www.systemrequirementslab.com and it has me a little confused.

I pass regarding the minimum specs, but fell short on the recommended specs. On the recommended part, it said my GPU needs an upgrade, fair enough.

see below:

Recommended: DirectX 11 compatible with 1024 MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon HD 6950)
You Have: GeForce GTX 280
Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your Video Card does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations.
Features: Recommended attributes of your Video Card

Required You Have

Video RAM: 1 GB 3.7 GB
Pixel Shader version : 5.0 4.0
Vertex Shader version : 5.0 4.0

I get the whole pixel shader and vertex shader versions being a bit off the mark

And I know my GPU DOES NOT have 3.7 GB of ram, but it also shows on http://www.geforce.com/GamesandApps/games/battlefield-3/GPUAnalyzer

that my card is only DX10 and does not meet the recommended specs.

Am I being paranoid about not having the latest greates card, or should I be fine ?
I'd consider a GFX Card Upgrade ...... if money's not tight

For 1920 x 1200

(1) 560 Ti (900 MHz) - $205 for 495 fps in Guru3D Gaming Benchmark
(2) 560 Ti (900 MHz) - $410 for 862 fps in Guru3D Gaming Benchmark

If money burning hole in pocket :) (provide for comparison, I don't thing you need anywhere near this).

(1) 580 Ti - $480 for 616 fps in Guru3D Gaming Benchmark
(2) 580 Ti - $960 for 953 fps in Guru3D Gaming Benchmark

For 2560 x 1600

(1) 6970 - $330 for 526 fps in Guru3D Gaming Benchmark
(2) 6970 - $660 for825 fps in Guru3D Gaming Benchmark

A bigger HD might be in the cards also.