Build Advice I need to upgrade my PC, help!

Feb 8, 2021
Hello! (first time poster, please be kind)

A while ago I came into possession of an Advent DT2111, passed down by my brother. I want to be able to upgrade it, ideally on a low budget (the pandemic has hit hard), but I am still a little unsure on the upgrades to make!

I would want the system primarily for gaming, however I don't need to be able to play super demanding games - ideally games from the mid-2010s if possible!

The specs are below:

CPU - Intel Core i5-2320 (3.0GHz)
Motherboard - Foxconn H61MXL-K
Memory - 8GB DDR3 (2 memory slots. Max 16GB)
Hard Drive - 2TB Seagate ST2000DL003
CD Drive - Lite-On iHAS124 B DVD RW
Video Card - AMD HD 6670 2GB GDDR3
Sound - Realtek High Definition Audio
Network - 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
PSU - 405W

The items with asterisks are the ones I'm looking to upgrade, and any help would be greatly appreciated!
I've had a bit of a look around, and it seems like a GTX 1060 or an RX 580 would be quite good, but I just need a bit of advice :)

Thank you!!!

Edit: would it be worth buying a new PC to start again rather than upgrading this one? Given the fact it's on the older side when it comes to components.
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All modern GPU's are way overpriced currently,expected to be back to their original prices around April/
Until then,i suggest grabing a 40$ SAMSUNG 860 EVO 250GB for windows,it will massivelly imrpove your overall system experience,trust me.
Im kinda leaning towards a psu upgrade too.
It may be needed for a new card,but it would hurt to spend a bit more on it for future upgrades.
Since a 4 core 4 thread cpu cant hold for much longer,i would be looking to replace that and move on to a newer platform after the GPU upgrade.
Games are limited by the cpu or the gpu.
The HD 6670 is, by no means any sort of a gaming graphics card.
It is not even as good as HD630 integrated graphics.
I would have no problem buying something stronger that can be reused on a future upgrade.
One problem you will have is that modern graphics cards are built to connect to a motherboard with a UEFI bios. Your motherboard likely has a legacy bios.
You can tell by the simple basic appearance of the bios.
The latest generation of cards designed for legacy bios was perhaps the GTX7xxx series.
Some later cards did have a legacy compatibility capability.
You will have to verify that on whatever you buyI might think something like a GTX1050ti would be appropriate.

As mentioned above, a ssd is a marvelous performance upgrade. Not so much for games, but for overall pc quickness.
A 1tb samsung evo is about $100.