I need upgrade assistance please help!


Apr 30, 2012
plan on building a new pc for myself to play diablo 3 only. i do a little multitasking (music+vent+web+game) i dont need a whole lot. i just want to run d3 on max settings with 60 fps stable. what you guys think. i already upgraded to the evga 560 ti superclock its amazing and just wanted to get rid of my possible cpu bottleneck. i want to go from.

AMD Phenom X4 9850 to FX-4100
4 gb of 1066 ram to 8gb of 1333
i use a WD HDD that i plan to keep useing.
is it worth the money or should i just keep what i have>?

Thank you so much for any input im struggling to decide ive changed my cart in newegg about 200 times now.
#1 - Remove all items from your cart and resign to waiting until tomorrow to make a purchase.

What is your budget? What PSU are you using? What is the amperage on the +12V rail of your PSU?

The Phenom X4 9850 only OC's maybe 300MHz or less. What's your motherboard? Does it support Phenom II/Bulldozer CPUs? Because I don't think the AM3+ FX-4100 has a DDR2 controller, so you might want to go with an AM3 Phenom II x4 955BE (C3 stepping).

Are you running 1066 DDR2 or DDR3?