Question I never posted on here and dont know what my issue would be under but here i go.

Mar 31, 2019
I have a weird issue, i would be playing a game, or have many windows open with things moving around it, and then something glitches out, my audio glitches a little, and my screen goes black, and it closes whatever window i have open. it's nothing with the monitor, at one point i had a DVI cable and a hdmi cable plugged into the computer and the monitor, and when the issue above happened, the hdmi one was black, but when i switched over to the dvi, i could see the screen, but it was counted as a 2nd screen. I don't know if somethings wrong with a part or if some software is broken. A example of a game that this would happen with is Black desert online.
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Dec 29, 2012
I would suggest running your Video card through a test with 3DMark. From the sounds of it you have a Video Card that is failing.

"If it crashes etc. during 3DMark it's a bad video card"

Additionally, you can open up Device Manager "Type Device Manager in the search bar." Go to Display adapters, and double click your video card, Under Device Status it should say "This device is working properly." If it doesn't display that message, tell me what is displayed.
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