I/O Card Parity Interrupt


Jun 11, 2008
I've been playing WoW (World of Warcraft) for about 6 hours tonight and have had 2 clients open the whole time my CPU was staying at 100% most of the time then finally a few minutes ago everything froze and my computer shut off

I restart and try again it freezes again this time I get an error message at the first screen of booting on my Dell 4700

"I/O Card parity interrupt at c000:0cf9"

also something about NMI I didn't write down fully

I looked on google and people said PCI cards etc the only card I have in is my PCI-Express 16x 1.0(or 1.1 not sure)
I have a Sapphire Radeon HD3870 in it

I don't know if the error has to do with the PCI-E slot or the video card is having problems or what's going on any information on this would be helpful
Hi mike i have had a quick review of your problem and it seems that the parity part of it is to do with memory and because its also an I/O faulf that means its the memory on the graphics card.
What i would recomend is physically un-installing the card including all drivers and then completley re-installing it.
A NMI is a "non maskable interupt" which basically means something has gone wrong that the computer couldnt resolve internally. IE a lot of the time you may crash a PC and it will reboot fine as the PC has managed to resolve any issues with memory etc. This time it has a "Parity" issue = something dosent match to what it was expecting to find.
The exact fault is linked to the De-turbo mode. This is a feature that lets older games that run with a timing loop run on newer faster PC,s by slowing down the processor.
So I am basically sugesting is that by totally removing the card and drivers and re installing it you will reset it.
I will be the first to admit that im not the most clued up on these things on this forum, what i have sugested wont harm the system in any way but its always good to wait for a few more replies before you do anything.
Mactronix :)


Jul 27, 2008
I just bought a new ATI Radeon HD 3450 for my Dell dimension8400.

1/2 hour after installing the card I tried to reboot my machine and then.....
I/O card parity interrupt at C000:0C79. Type (S) shut off NMI, (R)eboot, other key to continue. These options didn't work I have to shut down the computer every time.

This happened today July 26, 2008.


May 19, 2007
This happened to me too on a Dell Precision 370 with a Radeon HD 3650. We upgraded to the above card in order to use a 30" LCD. I have exactly the same thing going on as Erka. We sent the card back and are currently waiting for the replacement (from MSI). The error happens frequently (not always) on boot, before it even begins to load windows. My power supply is the original 350 Watt Dell one. I have tried numerous drivers, but it seems to happen before drivers would load. MSI does not have a firmware update.

Anyone know what might be up?


Oct 15, 2009
I know this is a very old thread but hoping it will answer the question of any one else searching for a solution.
I have recently been upgrading four Dell GX620 machines with an ATI HD3450 dual video card. I came across the
same problem on two of the four machine - which was odd - I have searched google for an answer but non was found.
I compared hardware and BIOS of Dell equipment but there was no difference - so how could 2 work and 2 not?
Battling on I ended up pulling the power, removing the battery backup and jumpering the RTSCRST on the motherboard to wipe all BIOS configs. After re-applying power the BIOS was reset as date/time was not set. Since this, the fault has gone away.
So for whatever reason this occurs, it seems it can be overcome by resetting the BIOS. A BIOS upgrade did/does NOT fix the issue. Loading BIOS defaults did/does NOT fix the issue.