Question I/O Error when initializing HDD ?

Oct 21, 2021
Hello! I have just recently built my first PC, and I spent a nice penny for it also. I was pumped to play some games and turn on my PC and set it up.

Here is where my problems start.

I see my 1Tb Drive when I am setting up windows, and I think "Oh, its on.", wrong.

I selected my SSD and continued with the setup. I then went to my Disk Managment and I went to go and format my drive, and it hit me with the I/O error.

I went to go and initialize the disk, and gave me the same thing. I went to create a simple volume for it, and it was completely grayed out.

I went to offline it, but it was already offline when I entered Disk Management. It gave me the exact same thing.

I turned off the PC, and I went into the back of it, and I switched around the SATA cable and PSU cable, and I hear it and it is vibrating in my hand, I do that to check if it is even getting power, and so I turn it off and I mount it again, and plug it in again.

I turn on the PC and I go to disk management and it is still doing it.

I go to task manager, I see the drive in there, and I see it occasionally jump to 100% for a couple seconds, and drop back to 0%.

I go to device manager and I see the drive under Disk Drives, and I right click to go to properties and it says "This Device is working properly.", and I even updated the drivers, still did nothing.

I have a 240GB SSD, with the 1TB Barracuda. I have no space on my SSD to install games since most of my budget was fixated towards my graphics card.

Can anyone help me fix this?