[SOLVED] I overclocked my gpu, now my monitor says no signal.

Apr 28, 2019
My PC build...
Msi x470 Gaming Plus
Ryzen 7 2700x
The CPU stock cooler
1 rtx 2070 gaming z
27" 1920x1080p monitor
Samsung ssd 1tb
750w psu

I built the PC, everything worked, was able to play games, got an easy 100+fps
I wanted to overclock the GPU so it could be better...
I used msi afterburner and added 190mhz to the core clock
And 1200mhz to the mem clock
Everything was working just fine and then, the GPU crashed and the screen went black
It turned on, and said your PC ran into a problem
It did this multiple times and I tried formatting it...
It decided to go black again...
When it turned on the monitor just said no signal
I didn't even touch anything...
I reconnected cables, changed to hdmi, searched online for 3 hours...
Still nothing...
When the pc turns on. The GPU is at a normal fan speed (which I set to 100%)
Which means the overclock doesnt activate...

Is my monitor dead?
Did I kill my gpu?

I can't even go into bios... it just says no signal and shuts off...

Please help
Apr 28, 2019
Figured it out, had to switch the CPU and GPU cables connected to the psu
And, a very important file was corrupted that ran windows 10
I did have an antivirus that said a sys32 file was bad...
I'm going to delete the antivirus
I'm reinstalling windows and I hope it works