I press power button, fans spin and everything lights up, but monitor gets no signal. Any help?

Brandon Hoefflicker

Jan 31, 2017
Ok so I don't know exactly whats wrong here. I am pretty sure it is my cpu but not too sure. So I got a new cpu for christmas and I didn't know until yesterday that one of the pins was bent on it. I bent it back with my finger (idk if that was a super bad idea) but then it fit right in. So I have 2 motherboards now and I realized it fits in both and it didn't fit in my old one because the bent pin but it now fits. Now if I use my old motherboard which has am2 socket and ddr2 ram slots and I put my old cpu in and boot it up it works perfectly fine and boots up perfectly, but if I put in my new cpu it and power it on all the fans spin and everything sounds like it is running but the monitor gets no signal from the pc. The monitor light just stays yellow. The new cpu does the same thing in my new motherboard. I don't know whats wrong but if anyone knows how to fix it please tell me. Any help is appreciated. :) Also if you need more info on something specific tell me and I will answer as soon as I can.