Question I punched my screen and its broken. Is my LCD broken or another thing is broken?

Jul 18, 2019
So I was mad because I played a game and I punched my screen, not to hard. Now its broken, some sort of like a black , purple and some colourful pixels. Is this the LCD that's broken or what?
Wasn't there a nearly identical post to this before?

Yep . . there was, maybe more severe:

Or this one, asking for repair advice:

Not to sound harsh, but seriously - and I would say this to the other poster, or anyone else who comes asking if something is broken after they punched it in anger... if you get angry enough when things don't go your way that you punch delicate equipment, then maybe you're not responsible enough to be trusted with such equipment.

Cause and effect. You punched it, it's broken, and now you have to pay to fix it, replace it, or have to go without.

Don't punch screens or any sort of expensive, delicate equipment.