Question I put my computer to sleep and now I can't start it back up.

Sep 1, 2019
I put my computer in sleep mode while working on homework, and I later tried to wake it with mouse/keyboard but it failed to start back up. I pushed the power button and it didn't shut down, so I held it down for a hard shutdown. I also think i pressed the restart button a few times before. The pc seems completely dead now. I've turned off the power switch in the back, tried to start it back up, unplugged from the wall, changed from surge protector to direct wall outlet, but nothing will start it back up. The motherboard light and graphics card light turn on when I press the power button but nothing else, no case fans or lights.
My pc is custom built by me, and is around 5 years old. I've read around and seen that the lifespan of pcs are usually 3-5 years, so maybe it's time has come? I just want to make sure that its either dead or still salvageable, cus I don't want to throw away a pc that's just in a coma. I was just talking to my friends about how my pc was still chugging along, it still runs games well, it hasn't really had too many problems, I'm still using it for daily gaming, video editing, photoshop, illustrator and such. It's had a few problems that I was never able to solve, along with a nearby Microsoft store and micro center, they were not able to diagnose a problem. I wouldn't be surprised if my ram was dead or malfunctioning, I have some performance problems while gaming and recording/streaming, and playing intensive games for a while, and attempting a double monitor setup. All resulted in sketchy fps or stutter. According to my computer-knowledgable and gamer friends I should not be having any issues while gaming and recording/streaming at the same time, especially with my specs. I couldn't even get a double monitor setup going, which they all have with no significant dip in performance.
Age: 5 years
GPU: NVIDIA G-Force GTX 1070
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k
PSU: ~700 watts
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Gaming (all I could see physically in the case)
RAM: 2x8 sticks for 16bg total
OS: Windows 10 Home
500GB SSD (Operating system, discord, and a few games on)
2TB HDD (Everything Else)

Has anyone encountered something like this before? If so, is there a fix, or is it time for me to scrap it and start investing in a new build?


Pc's last an easy 20+years as such. That's not the issue, and whomever said a pc is only good for 3-5 years is absolutely full of (use your own word).

Everything has a usable life. That's entirely different from lifespan or current life. I'm still gaming on a 7yr old i7-3770K and gtx970 just fine.

Couple things you didn't list is the psu exactly or the cpu cooler. The psu is the heart of the pc and able to cause more issues than all other components combined if it's bunk or sub par. If temps are out of control, you'll get choppy frame rates and other issues.

Dual monitors doesn't affect gaming in the slightest. Only using the monitor for something else does, like running multiple open browser windows, but that's on the cpu and would affect even a single monitor using alt-tab to switch back and forth.

Gamer friends are correct, you should not be having any issues if the pc was stable, if motherboard chipset drivers are upto date, graphics drivers are current for the windows build version and any/all junk is cleaned out of the pc regularly. There's also settings to check, like turning off windows Xbox DVR and game bar helper stuff, power plans etc.