Question I Ran a Debloat Script, Depriving Myself of Favorite Win 10 Tools


Nov 13, 2016
I'm not sure why I felt the need to run a debloat script listed on Github ( But I didn't spend enough time with the prompt which allows you to turn actions on/off before the script runs; since running the script a couple months ago.. I have been wishing I still had the following:

- Windows Store
  • Timer / Stopwatch / Alarm App
  • Sticky Notes

- Calculator
  • Default Photo Viewer
  • Cortana Yes, I would like to keep Cortana and have the option to use it fully.
- Nvidia Control Panel (the one that's available when you right-click the desktop.. which allows you change system-wide and/or application graphic settings. I have installed new drivers and even ran DDU (display driver uninstaller) for a clean driver install.. but nothing works to restore this menu. A pop-up instructs me to re-download it via the Windows Store.

Can someone help me restore these? It will be much appreciated to have them back, and serve as a valuable learning experience..

Here are screenshots showing the error messages I get when I try to run things like the Calculator and Windows Store. Hopefully this helps.

I know I'm a noob. I appreciate the time and assistance. I'm thinking these are probably pretty easy fixes with PowerShell commands or Registry edits, but I wouldn't know where to begin and I sure as hell didn't get any replies on Github.