Question I really worry about my GPU, do you know what should I do now?

Jul 27, 2019
Hi guys,

Today I'm writing this to ask about my Dell XPS 15 9560s Graphic card issue. I was often play CSGO on my laptop and it seems fine with over 150 FPS during the whole match, but recently, FPS in every games drop dramatically, that concern me. Initually, I thought that was games or drivers issues, then I tried to reset windows and reinstall or update drivers but it still no change. That made me consider about my hardware, I've tried to run couple games then I realize that my laptop is not that hot (like often) instead, it is really cool in temperature and I can't even hear the fan which is gonna sound insane when I play video games but when I check temperature through some software like HWMonitor, It seems really fine (~39-40*C) while using browsers . What should I do now? Should I open and try to fix it by my own because my laptop is already ran out of maintenance?