I received my CPU today from Newegg and it wasn't a fake one


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Today, my E6500 COU arrived from Newegg. With the lates scare in the news, I had my camera out ready to document if necesary, I examined the box very closely and my heart jumped when I saw it was made in Costa Rica because on the Youtube video, they were Costa Rica made fake CPUs.

Keeping the box sealed (ensuring the seal was intact first of all) I peered into the cutouts and heatsink and COUs appeared normal. The heatsink was not a photocopy or picture as were the fakes.

So, I opened it and everything looks and feels like the real thing. I am still installing it and I'll post again to see if the counterfeiters are so savy to make it the CPUs so real-looking but won;'t work. Maybe they're able to get the factory duds and package them? I hope not!
THe fake CPU's were I7-920s - seems Newegg got a shipment of 2000 of which 300 had at some point been swapped out with the fakes as soon as they got reports from a couple people that received them they stopped shipping any from that warehouse and did a physical check of all the chips in that warehouse and removed those that were found and also contacted every customer that had placed an order that might have been effected by E-mail. So chances are all of them have already been found and taken care of !!

Newegg really handled the situation very well on thier end - will be interesting to see if they ever figure out exactly who\when the boxes were swapped out ( since they will want to figure it out so others do not start doing the same thing in the future !)


I'm betting it happened overseas because of the poor quality (homemade looking) of the fake CPU and candlewax looking HSF w/inkjet printed photo.

The shippers in the USA warehouses aren't going to look closely at the boxes, just grab them and throw into the foam peanuts and a split second later throw on the tape.

Plus I would think warehouse shippers/workers would just outright steal them instead of bringing in fake CPUs/HSF make the switch and put the real CPUs in tehir pockets and walk out? Not likely.

If the switch was made in Costa Rica, those real CPUs are worth more there than here in the black market because they're harder to get for the everyday man. But I will visit eBay just in case I see a great deal on i7's lol. Shhhh......

Most likely the case - the misspellings all over the outer box pretty much give you the clue that it was someone who does not speak english as a primary language.