Question I recently bought an SSD. It doesnt have an OS yet 35 GBs are being used for "system and reserved"

Jun 30, 2019
So i recently got a samsung 128 GB SSD. Its empty. I havent downloaded windows or anything else on it yet. I start downloading GTA off steam and when the game got to around 90% my computer tells me that i dont have enough storage. I check my storage app and lo and behold 35.4 gigs are being used for systems and reserved. I dont know whats going on and i checked file explorer and the only thing in their is from steam apps. PLS HELP
You first need to know a little about partitioning a drive or " shrink a partition" or maybe "delete" that partition. You really shouldn’t mess with the System Reserved partition if you don't know what your doing.
This site has good info:
And here :
And here:
There are also Partitioning tools to get:

With a 128GB SSD you should have your basic ready to use and important Apps necessary for your OS expansion.
Put your steam games and other apps to a HDD/SSD (size of choice or budget) for storage purposes.
As I don't know what occurred when steam was installed I can't help further.
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U should really stop everything. Fire up your Storage Manager and take a look at the SSD if it has a single partition, 2 partitions blah-blah, and from your own post, no OS (implying no intention to be used as a boot drive) should have a single partition that's it, fix that, and reformat the sucker and then LOOK how much free space u got then. I bet at this point everything is as it should be. They may have sold you a used SSD, but I wager u did something before and failed to disclose it.