I recently decided to upgrade my cpu and mobo, not booting/nothing on monitor

Oct 28, 2018
So here is the run down I wanted to upgrade my cpu I decided on the Ryzen 7 2700X but I noticed that my old mobo was am3+ so I decided to get the Asus Prime x370-A since that supports AM4 of course I also bought Vengance lpx ddr4 16gb ram for the mobo I made sure to read the manual and make proper connections the graphics card I have is Nvidia gtx 1060

The problem
When I connected the power which is 600w the mobo is lit up and when I press power every thing starts running the fans are spinning like everything is working fine the monitor doesn’t show anything so I can’t enter bios

Solutions I have tried
Clearing the rtc ram/ cmos
Unplugging and replugging everything
Rereading the manual
Switching the connection ports from hdmi to VGA on both the gpu and mobo ports trying to get something to show up on the monitor
Moving the gpu onto the other slot
Using one ram in the right slot

Things I feel I should mention
I bought the mobo refurbished from amazon
CPU new
Gpu is what I was using so I’m sure it’s fine
Keyboard lights up but no idea if it’s actually working
I have a clean SSD
A usb with windows 10 installer

Here’s a picture of how it looks inside maybe I’m missing a connection somewhere
https://imgur.com/gallery/NTXDqlJ i know the picture isn’t the best but if you need a close up of a location just ask I’m thinking of trying another mobo but if anyone can help please ASAP I’ve been at this all day and I’m stressing